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410ha Planted at Qamata / Bilatye Irrigation Scheme

Qamata / Bilatye Maize Expansion Project

In 2014/15, the CHDA launched a maize project in Qamata, where co-operatives from Qamata and Bilatye were assisted with planting of 410ha of yellow maize through a partnership with Omnia.

The CHDA provided social facilitation and project management support, as well as provision of seed, mechanisation support, agricultural inputs, and identification of market for final output.  Omnia provided technical support, and provided fertilizer and other chemicals for the project, on a use-now, pay-later arrangement with emerging small farmers, with the debt settled after sale of harvested grain.

The CHDA also provided support with harvesting, and storage facilities through operationalisation of the Qamata grani silos through labour costs and equipment repairs.

An official launch was held via the Qamata Harvets Day, which was held in July 2016, in partnership with the CHDM.