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    New CHDA CEO Appointed

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    Update on CHDA Working Arrangement (Covid19)_Level4

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Quotations are hereby requested for UPGRADING & PROVISION OF SECURITY CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM LINK FOR REMOTE VIEW MONITORING WITH ARMED BACK UP SERVICES according to the following terms of reference:

  • The existing CHDA Security CCTV Cameras system at number 15 Warner Street in Komani must be upgraded with four additional new cameras which must be installed in suitable positions for security risks mitigation with a link for a live remote / mobile view monitoring.
  • The remote live view monitoring must be done 24/7 in a suitable control room and as an additional advantage, the monitoring application (App) should also be accessible from at least two CHDA officials’ mobile smart phones.
  • The preferred service provider’s control room shall be inspected before the contract may be awarded.
  • The CCTV Cameras monitoring system should be linked to the existing security alarm system.
  • The new Security System equipment must have a minimum of 12 months warranty and guarantees.
  • Necessary maintenance services of the upgraded security system must be provided by the contracted service providers in line with the warrantee and the guarantee provisions of the system software and hardware.
  • The contracted service provider will be responsible for armed Security back up services and for routine visible patrolling around the CHDA Office premises.
  • The Security Systems and Services Providers must be registered with PSIRA and submit the copy of their valid registration documents.
  • Service Providers must submit copies of their valid Liability Insurance Policy Cover.
  • The renewable contract of the live monitoring and armed Security back up services will be for a period of seven months.
  • Security incidents reports must be submitted to CHDA within a period of 12 hours and contractual performance reports with necessary security alerts recommendations must be submitted monthly.
  • The Security systems upgrades must be concluded within a period of 14 days after the purchase order has been awarded.

Compulsory site clarification meeting

  • Date: 18 November 2022
  • Time: 11:H00 (no service provider will be allowed to attend after 11H15)
  • Location: CHDA Offices, 15 warner street, Queenstown 5320


The closing date and time for the submission of quotations is Wednesday, 23 November 2022 @12hoo

Proposals/quotations must be emailed to &


  • Two Envelops evaluation method will be applied (Envelop 1 for Proposal & Envelop 2 for Quote).
  • Proposals will be accepted only if they respond to all the requirements of the stated terms of reference before the second Envelop of the Quotation can be considered.
  • Two contactable references/ appointment letters/purchase orders of similar services rendered by the service provider must be provided.
  • Submit a copy of the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD) registration summary report.
  • Service providers should also complete & submit the MBD 4 form to declare the interest of the Directors of the Company.
  • Submit the valid copy of a B-BBEE certificate or B-BBEE Affidavit.
  • Submit a valid copy of a Tax Compliance Pin document from SARS.
  • If a supplier is not a VAT vendor, VAT must not be included, otherwise all the prices must include VAT.


Evaluation criteria (Only applicable to quotations equal to/ above R 30 000.00)

  • This is an 80/20 preference points system quotation
  • Price is allocated up to 80 points
  • B-BBEE is allocated up to 20 points

Enquiries should be directed to:

Mr K. Hlazo & Mr S. Singeni

Chris Hani Development Agency

15 Warner Street


Tel no. 045 807 4000

Emails: or


Mr A. Hala, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hani Development Agency

15 Warner Street, Komani, 5320

National Anti-Corruption Hotline (0800 – 701 701)

CHDM Anti-Corruption Hotline (0800 – 100 100)