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BID NOTICE - BID/006/17-18



BID REF. NO: BID/006/17-18

Tenders are hereby invited from suitably qualified, experienced and skilled General Building Contractors with CIDB grade 6GB PE or higher or 7GB or higher, for construction of the Lukhanji multi recycling waste buy-back centre facilities.

A compulsory Tender Clarification Meeting will be held.  Details of the meeting are:

  • Venue: Chris Hani Development Agency Offices, 15 Warner Street, Queenstown, 5320
  • Date: 2 May 2018
  • Time: 11h00

Prospective tenderers who arrive more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to attend the abovementioned meeting. There will be a non-compulsory site visit to the prospective sites after the briefing. No attendance register will be taken for this. The attendance register will be circulated at the main briefing at the CHDA offices.

It is compulsory to sign the clarification meeting attendance register in clear and eligible writing. Failure to do so will result in a tenderer being considered non-responsive.

Domestic sub-contractors for the respective works of paving and making bricks with the Hydraform technology are also invited to attend the above stated clarification meeting as proof of attendance on the attendance register is compulsory for selection to sub-contract in this regard.

Scope of work

Scope components



Sorting Facility

·         1000m2 Portal frame steel structure

·         Excavations for foundations and stub columns 1m deep

·         Engineered layerworks and platform

·         Municipal water and sewer connections

·         Electrical power connection

·         Ezibeleni

Sorting Facility

(2 Domestic Sub-contractors)

·         Paving

·         Making bricks with the Hydraform technology

·         Ezibeleni

Transfer Stations

(4 Nominated Sub-contractors)

·         4 Smaller waste transfer stations, identically constructed from alternative materials

·         Electrical power connection

·         Foundations

·         Paving

·         Municipal water and sewer connections

·         Lesseyton

·         Ilinge

·         Whittlesea

·         Mlungisi


(4 Nominated Sub-contractors)

·         Excavation

·         Concrete (small works)

·         Fencing

·         Ezibeleni

·         Ilinge

·         Whittlesea

·         Mlungisi

Issue of Bids/EOI Documents:  Documents will be available as from Monday, 23 April 2018 and can be collected between 08:00am – 16:00pm from CHDA offices, Receptionist – Ms. Nombulelo Nyokana (Email:, 15 Warner Street Southbourne in Queenstown at a non- refundable cost of R 800.00 per document upon submission of a proof of deposit to the following bank account:


BANK                           :           FNB

ACCOUNT HOLDER      :           Chris Hani Development Agency

ACCOUNT TYPE           :           Public Sector Account

ACCOUNT NUMBER     :           62363654156

BRANCH                       :           Queenstown

BRANCH CODE :           210920

REFERENCE                :           Bid Ref. and Bidder’s Name

PLEASE NOTE:                       The copy of the proof of Bid document payment must also be attached to the submitted Bid document.


Enquiries relating to bid documents are to be addressed in writing to

Technical:         Mr Louis Fourie on Email:

Mr Anthony Burger on Email:

Procurement:    Mr Siyabonga Singeni on Email:

Completed tender documents are to be returned in sealed envelopes and must be placed in the tender box at Chris Hani Development Agency Offices, 15 Warner Street, Queenstown, 5320 by no later than 12:00 on 24 May 2018 where tenders will be opened in public and the prices read out.

Tenderers shall take note of the following tender conditions:

  1. Prices must be valid for at least four months (120) days from the closing date (confirmation hereof to be stated on quotation).
  2. Prices quoted must be firm and must be inclusive of VAT (15%).
  3. A minimum functionality score of 70% is required for tenderers to be considered responsive. There are points allocated for locality within the Chris Hani District Municipality.
  4. Chris Hani Development Agency does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any other bid and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the bid.
  5. Documents are not available in electronic format. Only hard copies will be accepted for tenders.
  6. Bids that are late will not be considered, whilst the lowest or only quotation will not necessarily be accepted. Quotations per fax or E-mail will also not be considered.
  7. An original tax clearance certificate issued by SARS must accompany all quotations OR a tax reference number and PIN or TCC number must be provided.
  8. The following forms are required to be completed and submitted together with the bid:
    • Invitation to tender (MBD1)
    • Tax Clearance Certificate or reference PIN (MBD2)
    • Declaration of Interest form (MBD4)
    • The minimum threshold for procurement of local content is 100% (2)
    • Declaration Of Bidder’s Past Supply Chain Management Practices (MBD8)
    • Certificate of Independent Bid Determination (MBD9).
    • Bidders who wish to claim for preferential points in terms of the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017, must also submit a completed form MBD 6.1 as well as a certified copy of the proof of B-BBEE status level of contribution (Certificate or Affidavit).
  9. It should be noted that, in respect of this bid, the 80/20 points system will be applied, 80 being for price and 20 for the B-BBEE status level.
  10. Domestic Sub-Contractors who would like to be eligible for:
    1. Paving
    2. Making of bricks with Hydraform technology

These potential sub-contractors are required to be present at the tender briefing and sign the attendance register. Only sub-contractors who sign the register may be employed by the Principal Contractor.

  1. Another bidding process will be advertised and undertaken separately for the selection of all the Nominated Sub-contractors.


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