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    New CHDA CEO Appointed

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CHDA, registered as the Chris Hani Development Agency, is a state-owned company (SOC) and is wholly owned by the Chris Hani District Municipality.  The agency is in the process of establishing a Panel of suitable Contractors for the construction and maintenance of various projects. The Agency is therefore calling for the expression of interest from only suitably accredited and experienced Contractors who can be registered into the CHDA Panel of Contractors for a period of 36 months according to the following details:


EOI REF: EIO/06/20-21


The Contractors are required for the following disciplines and grades –



CIDB Classification

CIDB Grading

Civil Engineering


3 to 8

Electrical Engineering – Building


3 to 8

Electrical Engineering – Infrastructure


3 to 8

General Building


3 to 8

Mechanical Engineering


3 to 8

Fencing Contractors       


3 to 8


This bidding process consists of two phases, namely:

  • Phase 1 – Expression of Interest in order to create a panel of grade 3 to 8 Contractors.
  • Phase 2 – Invited Quotation process from a panel of Contractors from phase 1.

 Only a maximum of ten or less contractors may be selected for each grade of the above disciplines and CIDB classifications. However, should any of the selected companies be able to progress to higher/ regress to lower grades during the period of their contract, CHDA will consider them for the grades that they qualify for.

The selection processes will only be based on the Functionality capacity.

Project-specific quotations will only be invited from the Contractors that have been selected into the Panel – evaluation will then be based on the 80/20 or 90/10 preferential points system, where 80 or 90 points will be allocated for price and 20 or 10 points for B-BBEE Status Level of Contributor.

The detailed terms of reference and selection criteria are indicated in the Expression of Interest document.

No Briefing Session will be held.


Issuance of EOI Documents:  Documents will be available for collection from our office and electronically as from Friday, 30 October 2020. Hard copy documents can be collected at number 15 Warner Street, Komani at a non- refundable cost of R 500.00 per document upon submission of a proof of deposit to the following bank account:

BANK                                   :           FNB

ACCOUNT HOLDER            :           Chris Hani Development Agency

ACCOUNT TYPE                  :           Public Sector Account

ACCOUNT NUMBER            :           62363654156

BRANCH                               :           Queenstown

 REFERENCE                        :           EOI/06/20-21/Applicant’s Name

 Electronic copy documents should be requested to be emailed between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm from CHDA offices, Receptionists – Ms. Nombulelo Nyokana (Email: and Ms. Ziyanda Msindwana (Email: at a non- refundable cost of R 500.00 per document upon submission of a proof of deposit to the same bank account:

 PLEASE NOTE         : The copy of the proof of EOI document payment must also be attached to the submitted document.


All Enquiries are to be addressed ONLY in writing to the Supply Chain Management Practitioners through the following Email address:


In addition to the above, the following minimum requirements must be noted:

  • The Contractors must be registered with CIDB and should have a CIDB Contractor grading of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 in the following categories: GB, CE, EP, EB, SQ or ME.
  • Grade 2 PE and lower are not eligible to bid;
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) applicants must be submitted with a proof document indicating that the Bidder’s tax matters are in good standing, e.g. copy of a valid SARS Tax Compliance Status PIN document;
  • All forms in the EOI application documents must be completed in full, as failure to do so may render the submission invalid, or result in disqualification;
  • All applications and offered services rates are to hold good for a period of 90 days;
  • All applicants to note that a Functionality assessment process will be undertaken for selection purposes;
  • Applicants must meet a minimum score of 70 points or more in functionality assessment to qualify for Selection;
  • Failure to meet the minimum score of 70 points or more in functionality assessment will result in the EOI application being considered non-responsive and therefore not considered for selection into the Panel of Contractors;
  • The Functionality Criteria will assess: The experience; the expertise; and the location of the bidder;
  • The B-BBEE Status Level of Contributor points will be used when it is necessary for breaking any tie of Functionality Points during the Panel members Selection process (The bidder that has validly claimed the highest B-BBEE Status Level of Contributor points will be given the preferential advantage; however when the B-BBEE Status Level of Contributor points are also equal, the tie will be resolved by the drawing of lots),
  • The copy of the B-BBEE Certificate or the Sworn Affidavit for B-BBEE Status of contributor should be attached if the bidder claims preference points on MBD 6.1;
  • Applications should be submitted with a letter/certificate of good standing or latest statement of account for rates/ taxes and services issued by the relevant municipality or with the property lease agreement if the bidder is not directly liable for payment of municipal rates and charges or with the proof of address letter from the Ward Councilor only if the business operating in a rural area that is not liable for payment of municipal rates and charges;
  • Proof of registration with Treasury’s Centralized Supplier Database (CSD);
  • The CHDA will only award the tender to a bidder who is tax compliant. The tax compliance status of the bidders will be verified through the CSD and SARS website
  • During phase 2, CHDA will not award more than two (2) active contracts to a single firm unless one contract has reached 60% completion;
  • Public servants are prohibited from doing any form of business with organs of state, whether in their capacity as individuals or through companies in which they are directors. Verification will be done and bidders will be disqualified should they be found to be in contravention with the regulations;
  • The successful bidders will be required to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, Act (85 of 1993) and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Act, Act (130 of 1993) and all relevant and applicable legislation. Upon appointment of the successful bidder, the bidder will be required to develop Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems to comply with the SANS Norms and Standards;
  • The period for this panel will be 36 months;
  • Applicants to note that EOI documents which are submitted late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted by fax or electronically, will not be accepted.

Completed EOI documents must be delivered in a sealed envelope, marked with the EOI reference details and description, into the Tender Box in Chris Hani Development Agency situated at 15 Warner Street, Komani, 5320, not later than Monday, 30th of November 2020, 11:00 am.

  • No late submissions will be considered.
  • Failure to provide the mandatory information required in this bid will result in the submissions being deemed null and void and shall be considered non-responsive.
  • Telegraphic, telexed, tippexed, facsimiled or e-mail submissions will not be accepted.



  • The Bids / EOI documents will be opened in public through live streaming on the CHDA Facebook page and MS Team immediately from 11:00 am on Monday, 30th November 2020 to adhere/comply with Regulation 3 (Prevention and prohibition of gatherings) of the Regulations issued in terms of Section 27 (2) of the Disaster Management Act of 2002, Gazetted on 18 March 2020;
  • No bidders should physically attend a public opening gathering;
  • Bidders must view the bid public opening on the CHDA Facebook page and MS Team.

Chris Hani Development Agency

Mr Zolile Duze, Chief Executive Officer

15 Warner Street, Komani, 5320

 National Anti – Corruption Hotline (0800 – 701 701)

Chris Hani District Municipality Anti – Corruption Hotline (0800 – 553 559)










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